Saving Data from Standalones
Sarah Reichelt
This article describes four common methods of saving data from LiveCode standalones. Among other great tips it includes a handy cross-platform handler for storing preferences.

Handy Handlers

#6: EnsurePath
A one-liner to make sure the folder you're witing to exists.

#5: Pack/Unpack
Modest file encryption with Base64 for Internet transport. Simpler than it sounds. Maybe even fun.

#4: IfX
Sometimes the handiest things are also the simplest.

#3: GetFileData revisted
More advanced version of #2.

#2: GetFileData - easy file I/O across platforms
Simple multi-platform routine for selecting files.

#1: Err - a generic error handler
To err us human, to catch it gracefully devine.


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Sarah Reichelt
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