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SQLite Diff: A Software Product Marketing Case Study

David Simpson of .com Solutions Inc. is one of the most effective marketers in the RunRev community. His database conversion products built using RevTalk have met with strong reviews and glowing comments from cutomers who appreciate the ease with which his tools help them convert their databases from one format to another.

But making a great product is only part of the battle. The rest is getting the word out.

In this article David shares his insights into product marketing with specific tips any Rev developer can take advantage of, using his SQLite Diff product as a case study.

From the Editor's Desk

The LiveCode Forums Are Where the Action Is

Many of us who've been using LiveCode for more than a few years have become fond of the use-livecode email list as our central wateringhole.

Email works well for some, and I've enjoyed not only the convenience of having the discussions brought to my In Box, but also the nature of the audience there, which tends to have a larger percentange of folks who've been using LiveCode for several years.

But it seems that the LiveCode Web Forums are where the incedible growth since the launch of the Community Edition is most evident.

Almost every day I see a few new names I've never seen before. Apparently the forums are the venue of choice for those getting started.

But it's not all newcomers: the Forums include sections for IDE and Engine Contributors, where ideas for new directions are explored.

And there's also a section dedicated to LiveCode User Groups, where you can post notices of upcoming meetings in your area.

The Forums are hoppin' - see ya' there.

- Richard Gaskin
editor, LiveCode Journal

What's New

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Link of the Week

With the Kickstarter campaign for the open source Community Edition of LiveCode having more than met it's goals, the team at RunRev has been hard at work on new features for the LiveCode engine.

This Roadmap outlines three main branches, or "strands", of work in which all three are being worked on my RunRev's expanded team of engineers.

Within each of these three strands is a list of tasks being worked on, roughly in sequential order.

The July 26 newsletter from RunRev outlines progress in key areas of the Roadmap, most notably resolution independence, critical to mobile work.

The August 23 newsletter offers a report on Unicode enhancements for LiveCode. While the scope of the task is daunting given the size of the code base, it looks like the team is making good progress toward completing the last major initiative fo Unicode support: Unicode-aware variables.

There are many other interesting and important items on the Roadmap, well worth reviewing to plan feature rollouts for your own LiveCode-based apps.